Senior Wellness Program for Pets 6 Years and Older

Senior Wellness Program for Pets 6 Years and Older

There are many health problems common to older cats and dogs that can be effectively managed or often avoided if timely measures are taken. Unfortunately, just like us, animals are more likely to develop health problems as they get older. Routine comprehensive examinations can detect some problems but to detect any abnormalities early diagnostic test are necessary. Often by the time symptoms are evident, permanent damage has already occurred.

As our pets enter into their senior years (6 years and older) we see the following changes:

*Their metabolism slows down
*The aging process settles in
*They are more prone to skin problems
* They are more prone to heart, liver and kidney disorders and cancer.

The most common ailments in older cats and dogs are:

*Dental/Oral disease
*Chronic kidney failure
*Heart disease
*Diabetes Mellitus

To ensure the health of older animals (6 years and older), we have developed a Senior Wellness Program. It is designed to allow your pet to grow old in grace and comfort. To do this, we need to identify diseases earlier in the development of the disease process- to be more proactive in the health care of our pets. Ask any of your doctors, receptionists, and technicians about this new program- What test is run, the affordable price and how to become a partner in our Senior Wellness Program.

This program will screen for the ailments affecting senior animals at an affordable price* and includes the following:

Diagnostic Tests Cost
Comprehensive Physical Exam $45.00
Panel C with Thyroid $208.00
Urinalysis $59.00
Fecal Exam $48.50
Medical Progress Exam (in 6 months) $42.00
Normal Cost $402.50
Wellness Special $352.50
Optional Procedures at 10% Discount Cost
X-Rays (May include Hips, Chest, Elbows)
- 1st Two Views
Additional View(s)
$52.50 each
EKG (Routine) $206.00
Dentistry (Dental Cleaning Only) $245.00 - $309.00

​​​​​​​Please contact us to set up your Senior Wellness appointment today!

This wellness program is valid for one year from date of purchase.