Meet Our Team


The Nurses at Bailey Veterinary Clinic are here to help you and your pet during your visit to the clinic. Some of their duties include assisting the doctor by inviting you and your pet into the exam room, taking general information and getting a current weight and temperature.

They will be the ones assisting the doctors in the hospital by administering the medications, taking radiographs, performing any laboratory work needed and any other care requested by your veterinarian as well as giving general comfort to your pet during their stay with us.

The surgery doctor will have a Nurse assisting them during surgery by administering and monitoring anesthesia during procedures and keeping you informed of your pets surgical recovery.

Our goal is to provide you and your pet with a professional and comfortable visit while you are with us.


With her exceptional phlebotomy skills, it has been established that our lead Veterinary Nurse BRIANNE is the i.v. catheter “Queen”. Joining Bailey’s Nursing staff in 2004, she continues to inspire us with her exceptional work ethic, her nurturing nature, and her great sense of humor. In her spare time you can find Brianne at dog shows with her French Bulldogs and Bostons , honing in on her photography skills, and doing a little hunting and fishing. She enjoys spending time with her family which includes her 3 amazing children and, of course, her beloved dogs.


RENEE started as a kennel crew member in 1998 before leaving to go to school to become a Veterinary Nurse and returned to Baileys in 2001. She shares her home with 2 adorable felines, Tinkerbell & Nyx, and two cute Corgis. With her mothering instincts, it makes sense that Renee will often foster abandoned kittens whenever the need arises.
Outside of work, you can often find her at any event pertaining to sports. Her favorite sports include women’s slow pitch softball, basketball, and football.

Renee grew up around animals and always knew that whatever job she had would be centered around them. She “really appreciates” her work family and has plans to stay in the veterinary field indefinitely.


SARA’s ridiculous love for animals stems from childhood and eventually brought her to Baileys back in 2005. She enjoys all aspects of the clinic but she is especially fond of blood work (lab). With her positive attitude and unceasing smile, it’s not surprising that Sara helps to brighten everyone’s day. She has 3 precious pooches, a trio of spoiled felines, and chickens.
Her spare time is spent reading, playing sports, hiking, spending time with her family and a number of varied pursuits which include helping make the Bailey’s Red Cross Blood drive possible and participating in the Relay for Life several times over the years.

FAVORITE SAYING/QUOTE: We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.


KIRSTAN worked as a kennel crew from 1991 until 1996 and then rejoined the clinic in 1998 as a Veterinary Nurse. She can easily work any Nurse position that our veterinary team asks of her. She does it effortlessly and without hesitation or complaint. Her heart is as big as they come and she shows it in the way that she always puts pets first.

Kirstan chose the veterinary field because of her love for animals. Her pets include dogs, cats, turtles, and horses. She also has 2 rowdy, yet wonderful boys, Blake and Daniel.

Outside of the clinic, Kirstan volunteers at Huecrest Elementary School and enjoys scrapbooking, watching her boys play sports and hanging out with her family(pets included).


Wanting to work with, and help animals, RONNIE knew that the veterinary field was the right choice for her. Joining Bailey's in August of 2005, Ronnie brought with her a ton of energy!

She likes many different areas of the clinic but has a strong passion for pets’ dental health and works hard to keep your pets mouths clean and healthy. It’s not unlikely that you will hear us refer to her as “The Tooth Fairy”.
Her fur kids include 2 dogs, Phaith and Tinkerbell, 2 cats Angel and Tiger and 2 sheep. Ronnie also has 2 fabulous girls who she enjoys spending time with. Camping, yard work and traveling are some of the fun things she likes to do in her free time.

FAVORITE SAYING/QUOTE: Life is too short not to be happy.


Bailey's welcomed ALEXIS to our Nursing staff in April of 2014.

She has a great love for animals and their health and appreciates all pets as well as the people that come with them. Her favorite area of the clinic is patient care and it shows as she comforts each and every patient that comes through the door. Her passions outside of the clinic include Hiking, camping, skiing, motorcycling, reading, and crocheting. She also loves to cozy her cat Leonoras and her dog Max.

FAVORITE SAYING/QUOTE: You become responsible forever for the things you have tamed.

At the very young age of 5, KAYLA knew that she would have a career in veterinary medicine. Graduating from Veterinary Nursing school in May of 2016, she started on her journey towards saving animals. Luckily for us, she accepted the position here at Bailey's and we couldn't be happier. Her fur family consists of 1 dog and 4 cats.

FAVORITE SAYING/QUOTE: If you work hard and stay positive, you can do anything!

Moving to Oregon in June of 2020 with her boyfriend Ty and a handful of beef cattle, BROOKE was excited to join our team and experience the great care that we strive daily to provide. We are so excited to show her all of the wonderful things our area has to offer!

Although new to Bailey's, she is no stranger to the veterinary field. She earned her BS in Animal Science from California State and then her Associates in Veterinary Technology at Chico State and has been working in the veterinary field now for 10 years and plans to remain in the field indefinitely.
Outside of the clinic, Brooke enjoys roping, traveling and leather work.