Meet Our Team


We have a very knowledgeable staff of receptionists who know how to do more than just answer phones and write down your pets information. They are capable of answering questions about basic pet health, products, foods, medications and scheduling appointments. They also know about any specials or promotions the clinic may be offering. They have over 94 years of experience and their ultimate goal is to provide great customer service for you.


TANYA has worked with the doctors and staff here at Bailey Veterinary Clinic since 1982! She and her husband have one cat. Whenever she has a free moment, you can usually find her indulging in a good book.


Karen returned to Bailey Veterinary Clinic in October of 2021 after being away for some time. With her beautiful personality and her kind soul we feel so fortunate to have had her return. Karen is a true asset to our Reception Team


With a smile on her face and an upbeat perspective on life, TILLY was the obvious choice to bring her on board as part of our kennel crew team in August of 2016. Since then she quickly moved up to room assistant and now plays a vital role on our reception team. She has always had a love of animals and enjoys her position here as she gets to be actively involved with animals on a daily basis. Her fur critters include 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a turtle. Outside of the clinic, she enjoys fishing, shooting and hanging out with friends.


SERENETY joined us in May of 2018 and we couldn't be more excited to have such a positive and compassionate person on our reception team. She really enjoys customer service because she gets to meet all of the clients and help them with their pet's needs. Serenety has a fur family of 1 dog and 1 cat but also shares her heart with her husband and 3 daughters. Away from the clinic she enjoys spending time with family and friends and bike riding.

FAVORITE SAYING/QUOTE: Your life is what you make of it!

Joining the team in December of 2020, Born and Raised in Roseburg Oregon. Becca has lived most of her life in Douglas County. When asked what her favorite thing to do is she states, “ I love hanging out with my family and doing activities together with my husband and Kids” . Along with her Husband and 3 children Becca enjoys Movies, Camping, swimming, and traveling to new places. Becca says her favorite part of working at Bailey Vet Clinic is the animals and people. She is a great team player and is loved by her co-workers. We are happy to have Becca as a part of our Receptionist team.


Jolene came to join the Bailey Vet Team in May of 2022. Jolene's love for animals and people came from growing up in the country with her cousins and all the animals they owned. "You learn to love animals like they are your family." she says. Some of the things she enjoys doing in her free time are hiking, camping, and spending time with her 2 cats Kiki and Lola , and her dog Merlin. Jolene says she enjoys working at Bailey Veterinary Clinic because, "it's nice knowing that every day is different, and even though there are hard days, there are also beautiful and wonderful days. " Jolene loves helping people and their pets! You will always see her with a big smile on her face and a helpful word! We are so happy to have Jolene on our Receptionist team.


We were so fortunate to welcome Lacey to our Reception team in July of 2022. Lacey has been such a wonderful asset to the team with her caring nature and kind smile! She decided to come to work at Bailey Veterinary Clinic because of her love for animals, and people alike. In her free time Lacey enjoys traveling, hiking, fishing, cooking, or snuggling down with a good book. Lacey's goal in life is to work with animals and make a difference in their lives, which she has completely accomplished with her passion for efficiency and care for her job. Her favorite saying is, ’If not now, when?” Be sure to say “Hi” if you see Lacey at our front desk!

​​​​​​​We welcomed Natasha to our Bailey Reception team in October 2022. With her kind nature and lovely smile Natasha his been a wonderful addition! In her spare time she enjoys Horseback riding, her puppy, and is an avid sportsman. Natasha really enjoys hunting and archery!
Trinity joined the Bailey Veterinary Clinic family in July 2021 on our reception Team. We absolutely love Trinity's wit and charm and compassion for clients and owners alike. She can be found in so many places in the clinic giving tech help or checking clients in and out. Trinity is a shining star in the reception area. When you see her, make sure and tell her hi!

We were so happy to have Peyton join our Reception team in September of 2023. She loves animals and people alike so she is a perfect fit for us. Peyton has always wanted to work in the Veterinary field, and she thought this would be a perfect way to get her foot in the door. In her free time she enjoys horseback riding, and 4 wheeling, she has also played softball all her life. Peyton’s goal is to one day open her own Veterinary clinic. Her favorite animals are dogs, as she says” They are man’s best friend!


We welcomed Roxanna onto our Kennel Crew Team in January of 2021 and in September of 2023 she was recruited to move to our Reception Team. When Roxanna is not working you can find her Riding horses, Skiing, or Hiking. She loves the outdoors and enjoys taking in the sights on horseback. With her kind heart that every patient is sure to notice we are so glad to have Roxanna as a part of the Bailey Veterinary Family. When she is asked what her favorite thing is about Bailey’s Vet clinic she says, “My coworkers are fun and amazing to work with. However, being around all the animals every day makes me really happy”. We look forward to celebrating many years with Roxanna as a part of our team.


Amina came to work with our Receptionist team in October of 2022. She is very family oriented and spends as much time as possible with her children and family. We love having Amina here at Bailey Veterinary clinic!