Meet Our Team

Kennel Crew

Our kennel crew are the ones responsible for keeping the clinic clean and smelling good. They are our "cleaning engineers" in every area including cages, kennels, floors, walls, counters, equipment, laundry and outside maintenance. They care for your pets by feeding and walking them and when necessary, assist in holding them. Our kennel crew wears many hats and play a vital role behind the scenes.


Lead Kennel Crew Technician - ROCHELLE came to Baileys in February of 2011 and has been a wonderful asset to our kennel crew staff. You can rest assured that when your pet comes into the clinic, Rochelle will be there to comfort them and make sure that they feel safe and loved during their stay with us. Aside from caring for her own pets, some of her time away from the clinic is spent dabbling in photography and taking nature walks.


Since June 2003, HANNAH has been a wonderful member of the Bailey family. Her goal is to always do her best and to make customers proud and happy. She does just that as she hustles through the halls of the clinic, sweeping, mopping and keeping it clean. With a smile on her face, Hannah tells us that she enjoys working at Bailey's because we always work as a team.

She enjoys basketball, golf, and bowling and has traveled several times over the years to compete in the Special Olympics. In 2014, she traveled to New Jersey and brought home the gold in women’s golf!!


SAM joined us in December of 2017 and has been an absolutely wonderful addition to our kennel crew staff. Growing up on a ranch, she is no stranger to hard work and caring for animals. Her hobbies include riding horses, camping, hiking and spending time with her family which includes her four dogs. She prides herself in giving the best possible care to all animals in the clinic including cleaning cages, assisting technicians and, of course, giving plenty of snuggles to those pets in need.


ALYSSA has been a part of the Bailey team since November of 2014 and we are fortunate to have another employee with such a great work ethic and a real team player! Outside of the clinic she likes to spend time with friends and family, shooting, fishing and hiking. She also admits that one of her favorite things to do on her days off is nap (Who can blame her? Naps are awesome).

She chose the veterinary field because she just couldn't think of any better job than working with and helping animals. She enjoys every aspect of the clinic but she just really loves the opportunity she gets to observe, assist and learn new things and she is "eternally grateful to have such an amazing work family". Alyssa, we love you too!


With her passion to help animals, former shelter operator and animal control officer, SONYA joined our kennel crew staff in April of 2019. She enjoys handling animals and helping as much as she can and also likes to see what's new in the surgery suite.

When not at the clinic, she enjoys making silverware jewelry and spending time with her family which include an amazing husband, 6 children and 3 grandchildren.

FAVORITE SAYING/QUOTE: Into the forest I go... To lose my mind and find my soul.

McKENZIE came on board in July of 2019 and has been a great addition to our kennel crew team. She currently has three pets of her own which includes a dog, a cat and a fish. She's always had a love for animals and plans to continue her education in the veterinary field and become a veterinary technician.