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Kennel Crew

Our kennel crew are the ones responsible for keeping the clinic clean and smelling good. They are our "cleaning engineers" in every area including cages, kennels, floors, walls, counters, equipment, laundry and outside maintenance. They care for your pets by feeding and walking them and when necessary, assist in holding them. Our kennel crew wears many hats and play a vital role behind the scenes.


Lead Kennel Crew Technician - ROCHELLE came to Baileys in February of 2011 and has been a wonderful asset to our kennel crew staff. You can rest assured that when your pet comes into the clinic, Rochelle will be there to comfort them and make sure that they feel safe and loved during their stay with us. Aside from caring for her own pets, some of her time away from the clinic is spent dabbling in photography and taking nature walks.


Since June 2003, HANNAH has been a wonderful member of the Bailey family. Her goal is to always do her best and to make customers proud and happy. She does just that as she hustles through the halls of the clinic, sweeping, mopping and keeping it clean. With a smile on her face, Hannah tells us that she enjoys working at Bailey's because we always work as a team.

She enjoys basketball, golf, and bowling and has traveled several times over the years to compete in the Special Olympics. In 2014, she traveled to New Jersey and brought home the gold in women’s golf!!


With a smile on her face and an up-beat perspective on life, TILLY was the obvious choice to bring her on board as part of our kennel crew team in August of 2016. She has always had a love of animals and enjoys her position here as she gets to be actively involved with animals on a daily basis. Her fur critters include 2 cats and a turtle. Outside of the clinic, she enjoys fishing, shooting and hanging out with friends.


In September of 2016, Bailey's "adopted" another family member. AHLEAH started working on our kennel crew and we just couldn't be more excited! She has a strong love for animals and bases her free time almost exclusively around horses. Her fur family consists of 3 horses, 1 dog, and a cat


SAM joined us in December of 2017 and has been an absolutely wonderful addition to our kennel crew staff. Growing up on a ranch, she is no stranger to hard work and caring for animals. Her hobbies include riding horses, camping, hiking and spending time with her family which includes her four dogs. She prides herself in giving the best possible care to all animals in the clinic including cleaning cages, assisting technicians and, of course, giving plenty of snuggles to those pets in need.


Although KRISTEN has been an important part of our Grooming team since 2009, she now helps out on our kennel crew. She loves the hands on experience she gets being able to help hold, clean and love all of the animals that come through the hospital. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and reading a good book. She has a house full of fur babies and a heart full of love.


JULIE joined our kennel crew staff in April of 2018. With a smile on her face and an eagerness help wherever needed, she is a great asset to our team. She enjoys all aspects of the clinic, loves all of the animals and is especially interested in the procedures that take place here. Away from the clinic, Julie enjoys photography, skiing, rodeos and quilting. She has 2 cats, 2 dogs, a bird and a fish tank.


With a love for animals and the medical field, SIERRA decided that helping out in a veterinary clinic was the right move for her. She joined our kennel crew in April of 2018 and has been a great addition to the Bailey family. She always carries herself with positivity and the eagerness to help where needed. Her favorite part of working here is when the pets get so excited when they are reunited with their owners. Music and writing are two of her passions outside of the clinic.​​​​​​​

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